Hi, I’m David Jorge. Thanks for looking me up.

First Things First… I want to thank everyone who supported and rooted for me during the show. My journey on MasterChef Canada was EPIC and I am honoured and proud to have walked away with the title. That said, the greatest gift was the amazing people I got to know along the way; people who made the adventure even more memorable and special.

To everyone from Proper Television, Bell media and production. What was one of the most intense times in my life, was made manageable because of your professionalism and kindness. I would be honoured to work with any one of you again.

To the finalists, especially the Top 16, I can honestly say that lifetime friendships were forged. You have made Canada a much smaller place and I look forward to seeing you all achieve and succeed in your “Food Dream”.

Finally, to the fans of MasterChef Canada and Concrete_Cook, I truly appreciate your support. I hope that my story has inspired you to go after your dreams and should our paths cross, you would say hello and share your story with me.

Now for those who may have stumbled onto my site without the MasterChef background, let me sum myself up… I’m a father, husband, cook, music lover, social media addict, terrable speller and concrete guy. I have a passion for feeding people, working with amazing ingredients and sharing great times with family and friends. I’ve put a bunch of what interests me on the site and in my newsletter so feel free to explore and check it out.